Nonprofits are facing complex, unprecedented problems.

Solve them with science.

Nonprofits are facing complex, unprecedented problems.

Solve them with science.


I am so lucky to have found Sheela as a consultant for our nonprofit. While we hire her for specific needs, she brings her holistic knowledge about how the nonprofit sector works to the table, every time! The result is comprehensive and understandable deliverables that we can take back to our desk and implement immediately!

Rachel Douglas
Executive Director, The Innerwork Center

Nonprofit Science:

The application of scientific thinking to the advancement of nonprofit missions.

Why Science

Nonprofit professionals and scientists have a lot more in common than one might think. Just as scientists rely on high quality data to support or negate their hypotheses, nonprofits should as well. Both fields require abstract thinking to develop novel solutions. Most importantly, they both strive to fix complex problems for the greater good.

Your purpose is to make a lasting difference for those you serve.

You want to have a greater impact, but your capacity is limited.

In an ever-changing world with growing complexity, it’s difficult to know whether you’re on the right track.

Pressure is mounting to prove the impact your organization has.

Science Can Help

Advancements in fields such as neurobiology, behavioral economics, cognitive, and social psychology hold the key to helping nonprofits demonstrate their impact and garner support.


The Nonprofit Science Institute helps nonprofits like yours go from intangible and ambiguous goals to quantifiable, measured impact.

We are leading the effort in bringing scientific thinking to the nonprofit field. Drawing from a wide range of disciplines, we help you measure, assess, and grow your impact. We apply a scientific rigor to study how nonprofits can make their vision statements reality – and we teach you to do the same.

How We Help You

When nonprofits want insightful support grounded in research and backed by evidence, they trust The Nonprofit Science Institute.

We help nonprofits in the following areas:
  • Leadership coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Group coaching
  • Strategic planning

Schedule a complimentary call with us today to find out how we can help your organization overcome challenges and create the impact it was created to make.


When Nonprofit Science Institute founder, Sheela N Mahajan,  joined the nonprofit workforce she quickly recognized similarities between her new role and her years of scientific study. She noticed that her background in neurobiology and behavior helped when  building relationships with  donors. Sheela also relied on her public health background to design and evaluate programs. 

As Sheela began consulting, she found that all the organizations she  was working with were struggling with the same issues – distilling concrete data from abstract feedback, planning for the future in an uncertain environment, and convincing funders of the value of their work. And, she knew scientific thinking could help these struggling organizations.

Sheela coined the term ‘nonprofit science’ to describe the application of scientific knowledge, theories, and methodologies to the function and strategy of nonprofit organizations. 

Would you like to learn more about how we cultivate a more just world by stimulating nonprofit growth and greater impact through science?

To learn more about us, connect with Sheela on LinkedIn or set up a complimentary consultation.

“Sheela builds up so much trust within the organization. You know she’s part of the team and she helps the team succeed.”

Chris Koerner
Director of Lead Gifts, The Friendship Place
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